Finally – You Are What You Eat 

Some people say “You are what you eat”. I agree with this quote. Somewhere in our body may have the thing that we obtained from the food we ate.

I am always grateful for those animals (or even vegetables) with which sacrificed their lives to feed us. So we survive. Without those food we may die out of hunger and have no heart beats.

I decided to simulate our pulse and apply it to a piece of meat.
I use two arduinos because I want to show the “distance”  between the human and the food. One is for transmitting the pulse signal, another is for receiving the signal and do the commands. One the receiving side, I put one red LED, one vibration motor, one battery and some antennas. As the result the food part can be a stand alone object.

This is the receiving bag:

and then I bought some steaks (I don’t normally buy meat, but because of this project…):

I wrapped the meat around the bag and sew the edges:

This is the video of how it works: